#10 90 Degree Hose End w/ Port Steel Braided A/C Hose and Beadlock Pipe AEROQUIP

#10 90 Degree Hose End w/ Port Steel Braided A/C Hose and Beadlock Pipe AEROQUIP
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    New Aeroquip hose end. This is a #10 hose end which only fits on #10 Aeroquip braided A/C hose, fitting is a nickel plated steel non-swivel, 90 degree fitting (w/ R134A charge port) and threads onto a male thread #10 o-ring beadlock A/C line. These are only compatible with Aeroquip steel braided hose with internal liner. Hose not included. Fittings are sold individually.

    TECH TIP : These are non-swivel hose ends, which means you must assemble the hose with the proper orientation fitting on each end to make sure the hose is properly clocked on both ends. If you do not properly clock the fittings, the hose may not lay flat and will look wavy from one end to the other. This fitting is assembled by un-threading the nut from the fitting assembly, then pushing the threaded nut over the AN hose, sliding in the brass ferule into the hose (to crush the liner), and then rotating the hose end fitting into the hose/nut end until it is fully threaded/seated with assembly lube. Assembling these hoses takes time and may be difficult for beginners. Having an aluminum vise and quality wrenches will make your assembly easier and prevent damage to the fittings. A/C fittings only work with A/C hose, they do not work with common SAE/Metric rubber/silicone hoses nor AN hoses.