79-81 Firebird Trans Am WS6 J65 Disc Brake Caliper REAR RH REMAN

79-81 Firebird Trans Am WS6 J65 Disc Brake Caliper REAR RH REMAN
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    Remanufactured Cardone brake caliper. These calipers are remanufactured by Cardone in the USA. This is a RH (passenger) side rear, for factory disc brake cars only. You will need to transfer all your parking brake brackets and springs to this caliper. Fits the following:

    79-81 Trans Am w/ Factory Rear Disc

    NOTE : There are alot of marketplace sellers selling junk/wrong parts, so please read this to ensure you have a troublefree install. The rear calipers are different LH and RH. The housing is the same, so they look identical, the difference is the piston screw on the inside for the adjustment and parking brake mechanism. Some LH side calipers are stamped "R" and are not RH calipers!! You can physically install a LH side on a RH side, or a RH side on the LH side, but they do not operate properly as the piston slack adjustment would rotate reverse. YOU MUST HAVE A FUNCTIONING PARKING BRAKE SYSTEM! The calipers need to be adjusted with the caliper INSTALLED on the vehicle with the parking brake system. These calipers adjust by the parking brake system. The cable rotates a screw which pushes the caliper pad against the rotor. After initial adjustments, it will adjust automatically until the rotors/pads are below limits. Then manual adjustment is required or pads/rotors need to be replaced. Brake pads must be for these specific cars or the caliper will not adjust properly (Pads require the "D" key on the piston side to prevent the piston head from rotating). If you do not adjust the calipers properly, or have a non-functional parking brake system, you will have a low, soft brake pedal, and little no rear brakes! Our company restores these vehicles, and if you have a question, please contact our staff.