85-88 2.8L V6 Fiero A/C Air Compressor V-Belt Drive Belt GATES

85-88 2.8L V6 Fiero A/C Air Compressor V-Belt Drive Belt GATES
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    New Gates Century™ Micro-V accessory drive belt. Gates Century™ Series belts represents over 100 years of evolution in the pursuit of excellence in Micro-V® technology. These belts are choice belts of professional technicians, lasting 50%-60% longer than value line belts. Precise dimension control of rib profile transmits load efficiently throughout the ABDS allowing components to operate at optimum levels. Able to operate and accept misalignment in the ABDS system better than other serpentine belts. Flexible construction allows the belt to withstand billions of topside and backside bends resulting in long belt life. Meets or exceeds SAE J1459. This is a V-belt for the A/C compressor. This belt fits the following application, using stock pulleys (non-reduction):

    85-88 2.8L-V6 Fiero GT

    NOTE : Our belt listings are for stock/factory pulley and bracket configurations. If you have an aftermarket setup, bracket, or pulley, you will need to consult with the manufacturer of those parts to see the correct length belt you need.