81-02 Camaro Firebird Trans Am Fuse Box Panel Wire Tap for ATC Style Fuses

81-02 Camaro Firebird Trans Am Fuse Box Panel Wire Tap for ATC Style Fuses
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    New fuse wire tap. This is an ATC style fuse, which is considered the "standard size". This simple tap allows you to add a fused circuit to your fuse panel. You will remove a fuse, and install this tap between your existing fuse and fuse panel (see photo #2 of this installed). This allows your new circuit to have it's own fuse. This will come with a 5A fuse, you can install a larger fuse up to 25A if needed. This will work on the following:

    81-92 Camaro/Trans Am (dash fuse panel)
    93-97 Camaro/Trans Am (dash fuse panel, underhood fuse panel)
    98-02 Camaro/Trans Am (dash fuse panel, some underhood fuse panel circuits)
    84-96 Corvette (dash fuse panel)

    Some installation tips :

    Keep in mind most fuse panels have a BAT (constant source) and a IGN (switched source) side, you will need to determine which fuse you need to tap to operate your new circuit. That will require a test light and.or voltmeter. Also, the tapped wire should be on the "load" side of the fuse panel.

    Also, most automotive wiring in a fuse panel is rated at 30A, which means the TOTAL mount you can run between the existing circuit and your add on circuit should not exceed 30A. As an example, if you are tapping a 25A fused circuit, you should go no higher than 5A on the tapped circuit. If you are tapping a 10A fused circuit, you should not go higher than 20A on the tapped circuit. You should also never exceed the total available amperage from the main supply (total of all fuses operational)

    We do not suggest tapping fuses on engine running circuits (such as ignition coil, fuel pump, engine controls, PCM, etc) or safety circuits (such as air bags, brake, anti-lock fuses).