1990 TPI 5.0L Trans Am Retrofit Engine Service Tag Belt Routing Diagram Decal

1990 TPI 5.0L Trans Am Retrofit Engine Service Tag Belt Routing Diagram Decal
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    This is a new engine service label. Our engine swap tags are perfect for your engine swap. This situation comes about often...You've finished your engine swap, and everything is running great. At some point in time, you need to either change the belt, change the plugs, or change the oil. Then the question pops in your head "Which parts do I need to get?" The tag that's under your hood is either missing, or is for the original engine, which is not correct. Some may just want that finishing touch on your project. Well, the solution is here. Our Retrofit Engine Service Tag contains necessary information for maintenance parts lookup for your engine, specific to the title of this listing : 1990 TPI (Tuned Port Injection) Camaro Z28/Trans Am 5.0L engine, and contains the following information:

  • Engine year, make (e.g: TPI, LT1, LS1, etc) and displacement (in liters and cubic inches)
  • Spark plug gap and type (AC Delco part number, e.g: 41-906)
  • Belt length and size (Universal cross reference number, e.g: 6PK1698 which is 6-rib, 1698 mm in the example)
  • Refrigerant type (e.g: R12, 134a)
  • Manufacturer's recommended oil type (e.g: 10W-30, etc) and capacity (in quarts) for factory oil pans
  • Recommended oil filter (AC Delco part number, e.g: PF52)
  • Initial timing setup (for distributor model engines only)
  • Belt routing diagram (for stock accessory/pulley locations)

    All of our tags are manufactured in house on our own equipment. These are printed on glossy white material that is waterproof and tear resistant, just like the factory GM underhood labels. These are NOT a thermal printed label like a shipping label which fade after time. Tags are 4" wide x 2 1/2" tall. Labels are peel and stick application, we suggest installing them on a clean, flat plastic or metal surface.

    NOTE : Because our tags are specific to an original specific engine application, there are times where the information on that tag may not be accurate for your swap. An example would be that you installed a larger capacity oil pan, or used an oil pan from a different engine, or you've changed the front drive setup to a different type to clear your chassis, or you've retrofitted your air conditioning system with a different type freon, etc, etc. If that situation arises, please contact us BEFORE bidding, so we can direct you to the correct auction for your tag. We currently have 75+ versions available.

    COPYRIGHT INFO : The watermark is not on any of the labels, and is only on the graphic for copyright requirements. TAGS DO NOT CONTAIN ANY GM COPYWRITTEN VEHICLE NAMES! Meaning, they will not say "Corvette", "Camaro", "Firebird", etc, nor can they be placed on the labels.