73-79 Trans Am 4bbl Quadrajet Carburetor Rebuild Kit 400 Pontiac Engine HYGRADE

73-79 Trans Am 4bbl Quadrajet Carburetor Rebuild Kit 400 Pontiac Engine HYGRADE
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    New Standard Hygrade carburetor rebuild kit. Kit is for Rochester Quadrajet carburetor M4MC (4 bbl, manual choke). Carburetor rebuild kit includes small soft parts, seals and gaskets necessary to rebuild a factory carburetor. Includes complete gasket set, needle and seat. Carburetor kit does not include hard parts, such as jets, metering rods, bushings, choke, linkages, float, diaphragms, etc, all of those components mush be reused. It is extremely important that check your existing carburetor # on the side of your carburetor and match it up to the compatible carburetors listed below, your carburetor may have been changed at one time!

    73-79 Trans Am w/ 400 Pontiac engine with the following carburetor #'s : Rochester Quadrajet 4bbl (M4MC) #17059263, 17065563

    NOTE :
    This kit WILL NOT work with any other carburetor # other than listed above! For those of you whom have never rebuilt a carburetor, it is not as difficult as it seems, HOWEVER, it is suggested that you take numerous photos of your carburetor BEFORE disassembling, especially linkage rod orientation, screw location, adjustment screw positions, etc. Float and choke adjustment are required, a chart is included for the adjustment specifications. A carburetor can be rebuilt with a few screwdrivers, some carb cleaner (not included), some patience, and some time. If you run into a problem during repair, please contact us.