89-02 Firebird Trans Am AUTO Ignition Lock Cylinder w/ Key REQUIRES VATS CUT

89-02 Firebird Trans Am AUTO Ignition Lock Cylinder w/ Key REQUIRES VATS CUT
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    New Standard Motor Products ignition lock cylinder. Cylinder has black thumb tabs and includes 2 standard keys. This is for a automatic transmission. Installs in steering column. Requires a VATS key duplicated to this key (see below). Fits the following:

    89-02 Camaro w/ Automatic transmission
    89-02 Firebird/Trans Am w/ Automatictransmission

    NOTE : Installation of this item requires steering wheel removal as well as partial column disassembly. Specialty tools are required (view our listings if needed). 1989-2002 model cars use a VATS (Vehicle Anti Theft System) incorporated into the factory key, which is the small pellet on the end of the key. That pellet has 15 possible codes (#1-#15), and your vehicle is coded to your key. A key with a different code will not start your vehicle, and will disable the starting system for 15 minutes after a wrong key is inserted. Therefor, any lock cylinder being replaced requires a key to be copied using your key code. This cylinder includes a key WITHOUT VATS. You will need to either have your original key or know your VATS code (1-15) or the restistance of your key, and then have the included key duplicated by a locksmith or key copy machine on a VATS key with the same keycode as your original key. The key included will turn in the cylinder but WILL NOT start your car. Contact us with your questions PRIOR to ordering.