Universal LS3 LS2 Oil Catch Can w/ Filter w/ Breather w/ Dipstick 2-Port BLACK

Universal LS3 LS2 Oil Catch Can w/ Filter w/ Breather w/ Dipstick 2-Port BLACK
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    New Vibrant oil catch can. This is a high-end kit, in anodized black finish. This is a 2-port system, has a filter (wicks the oil), breather (to vent the pressure), drain (manually performed to empty the tank) and dipstick (to check oil level), 8" rough height, 4" outside diameter. Fittings are AN 10, includes universal mount bracket which is clocked on the top bolts. Hoses and fittings are not included.

    If you don't what an oil catch can is, it's a system to keep (1) excessive oil from entering your intake via PCV or hoses and (2) to relieve crankcase pressure from blowing out gaskets. Catch cans are typically used on motors with high cylinder pressures, such as high compression engines and certain camshaft patterns. Basically, one port attaches to the vacuum side of your engine (a port behind the throttle body) and the other port attaches to the pressure side of the crankcase (valve cover, valley pan, etc).

    Catch can level should be checked periodically via dipstick. It should be drained when full. Filter and breather should be cleaned as necessary to provide the best performance of the system.

    We suggest these on all performance LS engines, as LS engines are inherent for excessive crankcase pressure and oil consumption. The 2-port design is for most applications, turbo applications should be using the 4-port design.